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Barcode-based Production Line Monitor
The Barcode-based Production Line Monitor is a system that uses Barcoding to monitor an assembly line based manufacturing process on a real time basis. It checks the actual time spent on each station through the inputs received, and helps to understand the reasons for increased or shortened process time on assembly/test stations. This helps the line manager to take suitable action to balance the line and stabilize production.

The system consists of a self contained set of devices such as a server, a barcode-label printer, barcode readers, data entry terminals and networking hardware, all spread along the production line at various locations.

The software installed on a PC in the Kit issuing location creates a barcode label for each kit that is issued. As the job progresses down the assembly line, the software records each important event in the manufacturing flow, when the barcode on the job is scanned. These events and values are recorded into a database in a structured manner.

The database will store and reveal the following information in real time:
  • Total process time for assembly of each DUT
  • Process time at each station
  • Dead time between stations per DUT
  • No. of DUTs in float
  • Total inventory
  • Performance data linked to barcode

Statistical analysis of the following parameters and more:
  • Average process time – per station and on the line
  • Average inventory
  • Performance parameters
  • R charts for selected parameters
and many more…