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Point on Wave Synchronous Test Processor
The Synchronous Test Processor is India’s only system that helps in time synchronizing the control signals during short circuit tests performed on medium and high voltage switchgear and control gear.

The system consists of a command sequencer, synchronizing chassis and output modules which together form a complete sequencing test system. The synchronizing chassis receives timing and sync pulses from the test generator. These pulses are used as a precise Point on Wave timing reference for coordinating the transient recorder, master circuit breaker and make switch. Using the Synchronous Test Processor, coordination of tests can be fully programmed by the user by configuring various operator variables of the make switch and master circuit breaker and the test strategy can be designed to carry out short circuit tests that conform to acceptance test specifications.

The Synchronous Test Processor has been installed and is in operation at a number of reputed test labs in India since past several years.


  • Accurate within 0.1 electrical degree or 40 micro-seconds
  • The synchronizing chassis uses an innovative fast PLL technology to resolve the timing and sync pulses to 1 electrical degree or 100 micro-seconds
  • High speed, solid state output modules that can handle AC or DC switching signals
  • Fiber optic isolation up to 10 kV on each output module
  • Uses a single high-speed, real time embedded controller for maintaining integrity of timing coordination
  • In-built protection and interlocks to prevent damage to the Synchronous Test Processor and other system components as well as the DUT under worst case condition of clock or sync failure and also completes the test sequence
  • Graphical and numerical programming of test coordination sequences is possible due to the command sequencer
  • Unsurpassed noise immunity for fail safe execution of test sequences under heavy noise
  • A custom solution designed and built as per specific user requirements
  • Fully modular and configurable
  • Windows based Test Manager software allows sequencing tests, storing test setups, viewing reports, and analyzing and handling graphical test data using a PC without sacrificing timing redundancy
  • The test software has a simple graphical user interface and virtually no learning time
  • Built to conform to DIN 41494 standard of construction for easy maintenance