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MK1 DOL Starter Test System
The MK1 DOL Test System is a PLC & HMI based End of Line Test system designed specifically for testing the MK1 DOL type starter. The system has designed to carry out a full routine of test sequences up to the HV Test in a very short duration of time of around 50 seconds. At the end of the test, the test results are stored in a database which can be further used for process control and quality improvement.


Tests Conducted

  • Flashing & continuity test
  • Coil current test
  • Pick up voltage test
  • Drop off voltage test
  • HV Test at 2 kV (Isolation test)

Controlled Parameters

  • Rated coil voltage
  • CC test voltage
  • Flashing test voltage
  • Flashing count
  • Pickup voltage
  • Pickup flashing count
  • HV value
  • HV current limit
  • HV time duration
  • Manual test voltage
  • Coil current
  • Drop off voltage


  • Easy to setup and use, with safety features, permitting automatic testing
  • Large LCD display is used for selecting test parameters and displaying status during test
  • Selection of Test Sequences as per relevant standards
  • Stops test in case a mechanical or electrical failure
  • Audio alarm in case a fault
  • Indication for showing test in progress, test pass, test fail
  • In-built calibrator for checking system calibration and calibrating it if required
  • Mounted in a specially fabricated trolley for easy movement on shop-floors


  • Windows based Test Manager Software allows sequencing of tests, storing test setups, viewing reports, and analyzing and handling graphical test data using a PC
  • Easy-to-use, high level Graphical User Interface and programmable test plans facilitate to create a test setup library
  • The operator selects and runs the test sequence
  • It performs all tests in the programmed sequence, compares each parameter with Pass/Fail limits and declares the starter as OK or FAIL
  • Test certificate can be stored and printed as per the manufacturer’s format
  • All test data is stored in a database for analysis


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