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Endurance Controller for Circuit Breakers & RMUs
The Endurance Controller is a stand-alone, table-top, simple and easy to operate, microcontroller-based system used for sequencing and conducting a Mechanical Endurance Test on a wide range of Circuit Breakers ranging from 6.6kV to 400kV. In addition to Circuit Breakers, this system is used to test RMUs as well.

The controller can be integrated with custom-built AC and DC power sources for energizing trip-close coils, motors, etc. and can be offered as a complete stand-alone system.


  • Checks faithful working of Auto Re-closer duty
  • Checks faithful working after multiple continuous operations
  • Checks closure of contacts at each operation and stops test if all contacts do not close on command, indicating mechanical fault
  • Checks continuity of tripping and closing circuits, indicating electrical circuit fault

Controlled Parameters

  • Close Command Duration
  • Open Command Duration
  • Spring charging delay
  • Total No. of Cycles
  • No. of operations between Rest Delay (Rest Delay Cycle)
  • Rest Delay
  • Delay too
  • Delay too
  • Special mid delay


  • Easy to setup and use, with safety features, permitting un-attended Endurance Testing
  • Large LCD display is used for selecting test parameters and displaying status during test
  • Two solid state relays to issue Close & Trip commands
  • Selection of test sequences as per relevant standards
  • Automatic control and display of balance operations
  • Stops test in case a mechanical or electrical fault occurs
  • Option to continue the balance operations after rectifying fault
  • A special version of Endurance Test System can carry out programmable test sequences on up to three circuit breakers at a time
  • Isolation of circuit breaker in case of fault in auxiliary circuit/main circuit/mechanism and continuing tests on remaining breakers (in case of three breaker system)
  • Audio alarm in case a fault occurs.
  • LED indication for showing test in progress, test pass, test fail.
  • Full version of endurance test system is mounted in a rack on wheels for easy movement on shop-floors.

Models Offered

  • The Endurance Controller is offered in a DIN standard table-top enclosure.
  • The Endurance Test System with in-built power supplies is mounted on a wheel-mounted DIN standard rack.
  • A special multichannel Endurance Test System is also available, using which three circuit breakers are sequentially operated one after another to improve the test throughput.



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