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AC source
The AC Source is useful for assessing the operation of AC Synchronous Motors of different specifications. The AC Source has an internal power supply and a control circuit to drive AC Synchronous motors of all specifications. The operator can set the values for operating voltage, operating frequency, direction of rotation, internal capacitor, depending on the specification of the motor.


Controlled Parameters

  • Operating Voltage (5-250VAC)
  • Operating Frequency (50/60 Hz)
  • Direction of Rotation (CW/CCW)
  • Internal Capacitor Value (10nF – 100uF)


  • Allows simple manually controlled driving of all types of AC Synchronous Motors using an in-built AC power source
  • Electrical connections are made using quick connect arrangement
  • Provision for connecting external capacitor and resistor, if required
  • Provision for connecting an external power supply
  • The value of operating voltage set is displayed on the 7-seg LED display
  • Easy to maintain compact bench top construction