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Linear Actuator Test System
The Linear Actuator Test System is an End of Line Test System for measuring the stroke length of Linear Actuator Stepper Motors under a specified load using a linear glass slide. It makes use of an in-built power supply and a driving circuit for driving the Linear Actuator Stepper Motors. Reliable and robust, production-class, embedded hardware is used for accurately measuring the output of the linear glass slide. All measurements are made by the system according to the parameters selected by the user and the test results are sent to a PC for evaluation.


  • Linear Travel

Controlled Parameters

  • Operating Voltage (0-60VDC, 3A)
  • PPS (5 – 5000 PPS)
  • Direction of Rotation (CW/CCW)
  • Operating Mode (Full Step/Half Step/Wave Drive)


  • Interfaced with a PC using an Ethernet link to program test parameters and send commands to perform tests, carry out measurements, collect results, and view graphs for detailed analysis
  • All test parameters and conditions for a motor type are stored in a preprogrammed database
  • A precision machined aluminum mechanical fixture for seating the motor
  • Pneumatic arrangement for raising and lowering the brass weights (load) onto the motor shaft
  • Status LEDs to indicate system status
  • Constructed in a modular design with plug-in connectors for easy maintenance


  • Linear Actuator Test System includes a Windows based software to perform tests and generate reports which can be stored in excel format
  • The software has facility to check and validate individual parameters of a test item at any instance of time
  • The results of the parameter being checked are monitored online in software until user stops the test