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Rotor Generated Voltage Tester
The Rotor GV Tester is useful for assessing the performance and performing quality analysis for Rotors of AC Synchronous motors. The rotor is rotated at a stable RPM using a servo-controlled DC Motor. A reliable and robust, production-class, embedded hardware is used for accurately measuring the voltage generated by the rotor. The voltage generated by the Front Coil, Rear Coil and their Average is displayed on individual displays.



  • Front Coil Generated Voltage
  • Rear Coil Generated Voltage
  • Average Generated Voltage

Controlled Parameters

  • Rotor RPM


  • Servo-controlled DC Motor for fixed RPM of rotor
  • A precision machined aluminum mechanical fixture for securing the stator coils to have minimal axial misalignments with the rotor
  • A highly concentric precision 3-jaw chuck for firm and accurate holding of rotors of different types
  • Three 7-Segment LED display to individually display the generated voltages of front coil, rear coil, and their average
  • A four digit push-wheel switch for setting the acceptance level for the GV value
  • Facility to select direction of rotation (CW/CCW) and RPM
  • Status LEDs to indicate Pass/Fail status
  • Simple marking facility for indicating passed rotors
  • Enclosed in a robust, table-top enclosure