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Key People
The key personnel under the banner of Crest Test Systems are Akash, Bipin, Deepak, Dhananjay, Rajesh, Shrinivas, and Vinay. Their expertise in different aspects of product development makes each of them an asset to Crest Test Systems.

They contribute individually and as a team to take the product through various stages of maturity from a design on the drawing board, to incorporating the customer specifications, finalizing the embedded hardware, concretising the system architecture, and realizing the user interface, bringing to fruition the final solution that precisely complies to the user's requirements.
  • Bipin Patil
    (Joint Head of IT and Software System Architect )

    (Head of Business Development)

    Bipin Patil

    Bipin Patil is the head of Business Development. He has an outward and very straight forward personality. He is enthusiastic, self-motivated and a quick-learner of new and upcoming technology.
    He is communicative, has good people management skills, and possesses long term vision and planning ability. This enables him to shoulder additional responsibilities of administration and general management of Crest.

    In addition to a degree Electronics Engineering, he also holds a Diploma in Advanced Computing and has undergone training in LabView.

    Bipin is proficient in C, C++, Visual C++, MFC, ATL COM, Visual Basic 6.0, and .NET. He outlines the structure in which a project is to be implemented and accordingly designs the system software architecture. He understands a wide range of protocols and is capable of handling any kind of technology. His hobbies include working out regularly at the gym, watching TV, travelling and reading books.
  • Manish Gudka

    Deepak Patil
    (Head of Embedded Design) (+91) 09370147938

    (Head of The Embedded Design Team)

    Deepak Patil

    Deepak Patil is the head of the Embedded Design Team at Crest. He comes across as a very balanced, meticulous and soft spoken person. He is an excellent listener who pays attention to every detail.
    His efficiency, hardworking nature and time management skills ensure that his team is capable of successfully managing large and challenging projects, and delivering quality products that meet the most demanding requirements on time.

    Deepak is an Electronics Engineer with an experience of more than fourteen years in designing micro-processor and micro-controller based systems. His field of interest includes analog and digital hardware design, embedded hardware and software design, prototyping and testing.

    Due to this vast experience, he is able to identify the right hardware architecture for a particular application. He is self-motivated and well-read on upcoming technology and global trends and uses his expertise to adapt them to suit the local environment and customer needs. Besides work, Deepak enjoys relaxing while listening to music, reading books, and doing social work.
  • Dhananjay Nemade
    (Head of Production) (+91) 09370011156

    (Head of Production)

    Dhananjay Nemade

    Dhananjay Nemade is the head of Production. He is simple, hardworking and very passionate about his work. He enjoys challenges and has the ability to motivate his team to get things done in record times. He has a jovial, light-hearted and an easy going personality.

    Dhananjay has done courses in ITI and NCTVT (Electronics) and has additionally done a course in Computer Networking and Hardware. He has over twenty-two years experience in planning and executing demanding assembly processes and building high-quality systems for lifelong performance.

    It is Dhananjay's responsibility to design and build fabrications, structures and test fixtures, and integrate various sub-assemblies. He has the capability to design fabrications and build 19" systems that comply with International Standards. He often performs site visits when large and critical systems need to be commissioned.

    Dhananjay unwinds by listening to music or enjoying a game of cricket.
  • Rajesh Pardeshi
    (General Manager) (+91) 09370151263

    (General Manager)

    Rajesh Pardeshi

    Rajesh Pardeshi is the General Manager at Crest. He is extremely enthusiastic and energetic and enjoys interacting with various people. He has a Diploma in Industrial Electronics, in addition to which he has attended various training courses related to Management, Service, and Quality Analysis.

    He has a vast experience of over twenty-five years in the field of electronics and has worked in several departments during his entire career, such as production, testing, servicing, commissioning, and application engineering.

    Rajesh acts as a bridge between the customer and the product design team and is responsible for understanding the requirements of a customer and transforming it into product specifications for the product design team to work with. He is the force behind expanding the business and bringing in revenue for the company by strengthening old relationships with our valued customers, as well as fostering new ones. After-sales service calls from all over India are handled by his team and it is their responsibility to provide assistance and technical support.

    He lists reading biographies of successful people, gaining knowledge regarding various business-related activities, swimming and travelling as some of his favourite hobbies. He has also represented his school in a number of Cricket and Kabaddi tournaments.
  • Shrinivas Kulkarni
    (Head of IT and Software Design) (+91) 09370151252

    (Head of IT and Software Design Team)

    Shrinivas Kulkarni

    Shrinivas Kulkarni is the head of the IT and Software Design Team at Crest. He is a calm, quiet, mild-mannered, down to earth and a spiritually driven individual who goes about with his work with minimum fuss.
    He is also very systematic, organised and thorough with his work and has the ability to find solutions to a number of challenging problems out of thin air.

    He has done his graduation in Computer Science and Engineering and has taken special training in Oracle 9i and LabView.

    Shrinivas's expertise lies in C#, Visual Basic, .Net, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Crystal Report, LabView, InstallShield X, etc., all running on a Windows platform. He is also capable of developing Windows based applications that capture data from a Device-Under-Test and present it in user specified format for analysis and report generation. He also specialises in handling web based applications using .NET platform. His team provides software solutions to our own products, as well as to other utilities, depending on the requirements of the industry. Shrinivas spends his time away from work playing chess, or in general, surfing the Internet.