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Magnetic Actuator Test System
The Magnetic Actuator Test System is designed for checking the dynamic performance of magnetic actuator-operated breaker as per IEC standards for routine tests for final acceptance. Analysis of test results provides information which is useful for evaluating and rectifying settings for contact timings, closing and opening speeds, over-travel, rebound and contact wipe. This system is available in a standard DIN 41494 rack.


  • Coil current (up to 400 A) flowing through the magnetic actuator
  • Time required for plunger movement
  • Time required for flux initiation

Controlled Parameter

  • Coil current Make and Break
  • Coil current duration.


  • Connects to magnetic actuator with wear resistant test leads, having quick-fit connectors
  • Selects pre-programmed setup parameters and pass/fail limits through software.
  • Prints results in a graphical format with test header and calculation footer, on external printer


  • Windows based Test Manager Software allows storing test setups, viewing reports, and analyzing and handling graphical test data using a PC
  • Easy-to-use, high level Graphical User Interface and programmable test plans facilitate to create a test setup library
  • It performs all tests and compares each parameter with Pass/Fail limits and declares the magnetic actuator as OK or FAIL
  • Test certificate can be stored and printed as per the manufacturer's format
  • All test data is stored in a database for analysis



Andrew Yule