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Endurance Test System for GIS Drives
The Endurance Test System is a PC controlled, simple and easy to operate, microcontroller-based system used for sequencing and conducting a Mechanical Endurance Test on GIS drives. In-built power sources for energizing motors & control circuitry can be provided as an option for specific testing needs. Facility to connect up to 8 two-position or 4 three-position drives at a time. This system is available in a DIN standard rack.



  • Checks faithful working after multiple continuous operations
  • Checks closure of contacts and stops test if all contacts do not close on command, indicating mechanical fault.
  • Checks continuity of tripping and closing circuits, indicating electrical circuit fault.

Controlled Parameters

  • Close Command Duration
  • Open Command Duration
  • Total No. of Cycles
  • No. of operations between Rest Delay (Rest Delay Cycle)
  • Rest Delay
  • Mid delay between operations of two drives


  • Easy to setup and use, with safety features, permitting un-attended Endurance Testing.
  • Two solid state relays & contactor multiplexer to issue Close & Trip commands to all drives.
  • Selection of Test Sequences as per relevant standards.
  • Automatic control and display of balance operations.
  • Stops test in case a mechanical or electrical fault occurs.
  • Option to continue the balance operations after rectifying fault.
  • Endurance Test System can carry out a programmable test sequence on up to eight drives at a time.
  • Isolation of drive in case of fault in main circuit/mechanism and continuing tests on remaining drives
  • Individual electrical counter to count operations performed on each drive.
  • LED indication for showing drive status and active drive.
  • Mounted in a specially fabricated rack on wheels for easy movement on shop-floors.


  • Windows based Test Manager Software allows selection of test parameters, storing test setups, viewing reports, and analyzing and handling graphical test data using a PC
  • Easy-to-use, Graphical User Interface and programmable test plans facilitate to create a test setup library
  • It performs all test parameters and displays status during a test
  • Test certificate can be stored and printed as per the manufacturer's format
  • All test data is stored in a database for analysis



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