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Temperature Data Logger
The Temperature Data Logger TDL 32 is a microprocessor-based system consisting of a 32 channel temperature data logger to conduct Temperature Rise test on Switchgear and Control gear. The freedom to program different thermocouple types and sampling intervals makes this system a popular choice for validation labs of switchgear manufacturers.



  • Specially designed thermocouple interface allows the thermocouples to be mounted on live parts, carrying currents as high as 3000 A
  • The system takes care of maintaining test current as per individual settings, vary the test current to ensure that it remains within the limits of the test standard irrespective of supply voltage fluctuations, raise alarms, etc.
  • All 32 channels are scanned in a single go with adjustable delays
  • Temperature Range of 0 to 200 degrees with 0.1 resolution
  • Each phase current is read from respective CT
  • 7” graphics display with HMI to configure test parameters, view test results and upload test records to an external PC
  • 32 dual-color LEDs show status of each thermocouple (Enable/Disable/Error)
  • The system is highly flexible and allows the user to enable or disable channels and also set scan interval times between 1 min to 4 hrs
  • An accurate semiconductor sensor is used for sensing ambient temperature (used for cold junction compensation)
  • Auto current adjustment for each phase through a set of forward and reverse pulsing relays (Optional)
  • Can be used in online mode by connecting to an external PC or in stand-alone mode
  • The system is built in a DIN standard enclosure for easy maintenance


  • The test setup and data acquisition software provided with the system allows the user to configure test parameters, download test settings and log the performance parameters. This data can be used for plotting graphs and generating reports
  • Using the software, the scanning delays can be configured, and limit checks can be applied to the results
  • Provision for applying temperature compensation for normalizing the measurements
  • A clear indication is provided If temperature of any channel exceeds the upper or lower cutoff limits and a buzzer is sounded
  • Detection of broken or faulty thermocouples



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