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Millivolt Drop Tester
The Millivolt Drop Tester is a powerful, digital micro-ohm meter consisting of a 4 & 1/2 digit display, an in-built 100A continuous DC source, no ON-OFF duty cycle, and ability to measure contact resistances of a variety of test objects like circuit breakers, isolators, bus-bars, cables. Thus MVT is an ideal preventive maintenance tool for measuring critical resistances.


  • Voltage drop in millivolts
  • Contact Resistance in micro-ohms
  • Contact Resistance in milli-ohms
  • Current in Amperes


  • Continuous current injection of 100A DC and direct display of micro-ohm value
  • Measures the millivolt drop in presence of high induced-charge environment of kilovolts.
  • Selectable continuous current injection of 10, 20, 50 & 100 Amperes DC for testing wide range of objects with lower current ratings and higher resistances and vice versa
  • Current/resistance display (in MVT 100C only)
  • Resistance ranges of 200 micro-ohms, 2 milli-ohms and 20 milli-ohms
  • No need for lead resistance compensation as Kelvin’s four-wire measurement method is used
  • Easy to operate instrument supplied in DIN-standard enclosure or in a carrying case. A movable trolley can also be provided as an option
  • Supplied with 15 meter long, factory-calibrated test lead set with specially designed biting type Ck clamp suitable for EHV class test objects

Models Offered

  • MVT 100 (basic model with limited features)
  • MVT 100C (custom model with advanced features for PC connectivity and testing single pole or three pole switchgear)
  • CRGT (for GIS Switchgear)




L & T


C & S Electric

Crompton & Greaves

Easun Reyrolle