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Dynamic Contact Resistance Meter
The Dynamic Contact Resistance Meter is an accessory, used with AutoScan series of circuit breaker test systems. DCRM is used essentially to test the MV and EHV Circuit Breakers with insertion type of contacts. A test current of 100A DC is injected into the contact and the dynamic value of the circuit breaker contact resistance is measured, when the CB is performing a C-O operation. A dynamic contact resistance curve (DCRM signature) is plotted against time which helps to monitor the condition of the contacts without opening the interrupter.


  • Quick performance check of circuit breaker by measuring the Dynamic behavior of contacts.
  • Correlation of DCRM with travel characteristic with customised Travel Transducers and Fixtures
  • Option for simultaneously recording DCRM signature of single or multiple (up to 6) interrupters.
  • Independent, isolated, inbuilt 100 A DC sources for single or multiple (up to 6) interrupters
  • When DCRM signature is correlated with travel curve, the health of main and arcing contacts can be ascertained and wear & tear of arcing contacts can be estimated
  • Health of the damping mechanism


  • Simultaneous recording of DCRM signatures of 6 breaker contacts
  • Quick performance check of circuit breaker by taking a C-O operation on the CB with time resolution in micro-seconds and selectable delay between multiple operations
  • Supplied with test lead set suitable for EHV circuit breakers having quick-fit connectors
  • Housed in a separate chassis that can be integrated in an existing AutoScan series of Analysers
  • Saves number of operations of circuit breakers by testing all the critical performance parameters of all the poles/breaks in a single shot

Software Features

  • Crest Technology provides a upgrade for Windows based Test Manager Software to allow analysis of DCRM signatures
  • Easy-to-use, high level Graphical User Interface and programmable test plans facilitate to create a test setup library
  • Automatic creation of directory structure for storage of test data
  • Dynamic calculations with cursor movement facilitates on-screen analysis


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