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Encoder Test System
The Motor Encoder Test System is primarily useful for assessing the performance and performing quality analysis for Encoders mounted on Miniature High Performance Brushed PMDC motors. It makes use of a reliable and robust, production-class, embedded hardware for accurately measuring various electrical and physical parameters of encoder performance by performing a number of tests. The test system is also equipped to program MR-type sine/cosine encoder IC by using a serial EEPROM. It can also checks the major parameters of the tachometer, if fitted on the motor. All measurements are made by the system according to the test conditions selected by the user and the test results are sent to a PC for evaluation. The Motor Encoder Test System makes use of a powerful multi-processor logic, as functionality and speed of measurement is essential to check Motor and Encoder parameters in real time.


  • Motor Parameters
    • Winding Resistance
    • Speed at Rated voltage
    • DC current at rated voltage
    • Current undulation at rated voltage
    • Starting voltage
    • Torque Constant
    • Rated Voltage
    • Polarity
  • Encoder Parameters
    • Jitter
    • Phase error on A & B pulses
    • Mechanical error over 1 revolution
    • Frequency
    • Duty cycle error
  • Tachometer Parameters
    • Winding Resistance
    • Back EMF
    • Undulation


  • In-built embedded controller to accept commands from PC and local keyboard, route signals, coordinate tests, control power supplies, execute test sequences, carryout measurements, collect results, and upload them to a PC for further analysis
  • In-built power supply for running the motor, automatically controlled by software
  • LED display to display Motor DC Voltage
  • Status LEDs to indicate system status
  • Port for connecting a custom miniature keyboard which can be used for controlling tests even by an unskilled operator
  • Port for input from motor encoder
  • Port for input from tachometer mounted on motor
  • In-built EEPROM programming hardware to load the error compensation table for the MR-type encoders
  • RS 232-C port for connecting to external PC
  • Constructed in a modular design with plug-in connectors for easy maintenance
  • Built to conform to safety directive IEC-61010