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BLDC Motor Test System
The Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Test System is a production line test system which performs a number of mechanical and electrical tests on BLDC motors at various stages of production, scan barcodes, manage manufacturing flow, declare Pass/Fail criteria and print test reports. This test system is capable of testing 2-wire, 3-wire, 6-wire, 8-wire and 9-wire BLDC Motors ranging from 6V to 48V. Test parameters related to a large variety of BLDC Motors can be pre-programmed using a PC and stored in the memory and relevant parameters can be loaded when testing a motor of a particular type and rating.


  • DC resistance of phase windings
  • Inductance of phase windings
  • Motor current
  • Motor RPM
  • Direction of rotation
  • Back EMF constant
  • Torque constant
  • Speed signal
  • Thermistor voltage
  • Enable/Disable logic
and many more, as per the requirements

Controlled Parameters

  • Selection of motor type
  • Control of motor RPM
  • Control of motor voltages
  • Control of motor direction
  • Checks on Enable disable Logic
  • Automatic selection of winding during resistance and inductance measurement tests


  • High-speed microprocessor-based system capable of testing motors running as high as 40,000 RPM, in real time
  • Port for connecting a custom miniature keyboard which can be used for controlling tests even by an unskilled operator
  • Constructed in a modular design with plug-in connectors for easy maintenance
  • Built to conform to safety directive IEC-61010