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Productivity Aids

Motor Magnet Polarity Detector

The Motor Magnet Polarity Detector is a simple productivity aid, based on a highly sensitive Hall-effect based sensor. The purpose of this test solution is to ensure that the polarity marked on the motor matches with the direction of rotation of the motor.

The sensor installed in the detector is capable of reading the weak magnetic field, leaked to the outer surface of the motor body. This detection is useful for aligning the brush end-cap with respect to the magnetic pole pieces residing inside the body of the motor.

An LED is used to indicate that the alignment is correct.

RMB Core Open-Short Tester

The RMB Core Open-Short Tester is a simple productivity aid for identifying short circuits in the commutator segments that may have occurred during moulding and turning processes. The system is supplied with a custom test fixture with special spring-loaded test probes which help to make contact with the commutator segments at multiple locations. A test voltage of 100V DC is applied across adjacent segments. The system detects a short circuit condition when the current flowing through voltage source exceeds a predetermined value. The system is also capable of detecting short circuits between the shaft and the segments.