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Auxiliary Converter Test System
The Auxiliary Converter Test System is used for testing the Auxiliary Converter Unit used in Metro Trains. This system is capable of handling power levels of 300 kVA and above, and carrying out routine manual tests and inspections, as well as burn-in tests on a fully assembled Auxiliary Converter. The system essentially consists of a single phase mains input as power source for the Auxiliary Converter. The control electronics of the Auxiliary Converter convert this input to several outputs for feeding single phase loads, battery chargers and three phase loads. The test system allows the user to load these outputs to various power levels and monitor the performance of the Auxiliary Converter electronics using the Test Manager software.

Tests Conducted

  • Efficiency tests
  • Temperature rise analysis
  • Tests on interlocks
  • Tests on metering and control instrumentation

Controlled Parameters

  • Control of input transformer
  • Power to Auxiliary Converter
  • Switch ON/OFF of all loads
  • Star-Delta switching of three phase load
  • Step control of battery charger load


  • Single phase input voltages, currents, power and power factor
  • 3 phase output voltages, currents, power and power factor
  • Single phase output voltages, currents, power and power factor
  • Battery charger output voltages and test current
  • Temperature rise in loads


  • Smart engineering allows various control and power ports to be swiftly connected and disconnected.
  • A gantry arrangement for handling heavy overhead test cables
  • Remote control and monitoring of three phase load at a distance of up to 40 meters from main system
  • Measuring and I/O functions of the test system are performed using data acquisition hardware from Agilent Technologies┬« to ensure excellent test throughput and good measuring accuracy and repeatability
  • Carefully designed for noise immunization in a typical shop-floor environment
  • In-built protection and interlocks to prevent damage to the Auxiliary Converter and other system components
  • Fully computerized operation.
  • Majority of electronic and control assemblies in the test system are built in Industry standard 19" components and conform to the DIN 41494 standard of construction for easy maintenance.


  • Windows based Test Manager software
  • A single dialog box allows user to control and monitor incoming and outgoing power signals, voltages, currents and measure power and power factors
  • The software also allows step change of load current and manages interlocks for safety of Auxiliary Converter as well as the operators
  • The software consumes very few PC resources which allows the user to simultaneously run his own test application while Test Manager runs in the background
  • The test software has a simple graphical user interface and virtually no learning time