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Vehicle Control Unit Test System
The Vehicle Control Unit Test System is designed to test burn-in performance of VCUs used in converters of metro trains. The units are placed in an environmental chamber and made to run their normal duty. The system sends binary commands to the VCUs and scans responses on several digital and analog signals periodically. The temperature of the chamber is made to sweep from -25 to 70 degrees Celsius with a known periodicity. Any failure or deviation from expected performance is detected by the system and a report is generated.


  • Ambient Temperature
  • Chamber Temperature
  • Load Currents for VCU, CCE and BUR

Controlled Parameters

  • Power to VCU, CCE and BUR
  • Switch ON/OFF of all loads


  • In-built programmable power supplies to generate various signals.
  • Microcontroller based hardware and interfacing for handling 20 digital input, 8 digital output and 4 analog input channels
  • Interface hardware for converting analog signal from remote panel to TTL level signal
  • Eight contactors controlled by relay logic to control power of 110V to VCU, CCE and BUR
  • PT 100 RTD interface for measuring ambient and chamber temperature
  • LED indications for showing system status
  • In-built protection and interlocks to prevent damage to the system and DUTs in case the chamber temperature exceeds upper or lower cutoff limits
  • Windows based software is useful for acquiring data from VCU, CCE and BUR units, comparing values with an internal database, generating reports and declaring the units as Pass or Fail
  • Electronic hardware and control assemblies built to conform to the DIN 41494 standard of construction