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Gate Drive Unit Test System
The Gate Drive Unit Test System specially built for Bombardier Transportation, Zurich, Switzerland is designed to evaluate the drive performance of different types of Gate Drive Units such as C620, C625 and P150. The system has an arrangement to connect simulated loads to the output of the GDU, and a fiber optic transmitter and receiver for applying trigger pulses and reading the feedback signal from the optical port of the GDU. It consists of an extensive switch matrix and analog multiplexer for carrying out complex tests on the GDU under test.


  • Gate-Emitter voltage during turn On and Off
  • Optical feedback signal
  • Cycle frequency
  • Time delay during power sequencing
  • Time delay during feedback
  • Initial and mid gate voltage gradients
  • Break-off voltage
  • Fault feedback
  • Hysteresis voltages
  • Test on double pulse
and many more, as per the requirements

Controlled Parameters

  • Switching IN/OUT optical and electrical converters and load fixtures
  • Control of optical power
  • Control of 4 channels for triggers, time bases and volts/div of Digital Signal Oscilloscope
  • Signal conditioning of Pearson probes


  • Measuring and I/O functions of the test system are performed using hardware from Agilent Technologies┬« to ensure excellent test throughput and good measuring accuracy and repeatability
  • Optical power meters are used for measuring applied and received optical power
  • Arbitrary waveform generator for generating controlled optical power
  • High speed current probes by Pearson Electronics
  • Special quality cabling and hardware to maintain amplitude integrity and rise time of signals to 1 nanosecond
  • Four channel, 1 GHz, high-speed digital storage oscilloscope for capturing and analyzing fast electrical signals
  • Majority of electronic and control assemblies in the test system are built in Industry standard 19" components and conform to the DIN 41494 standard of construction for easy maintenance


  • The software is based on CREST's proprietary development platform STA and National Instruments LabView Graphical Virtual Instrumentation programming tool
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface allows users to choose from a library of preset test sequences
  • A scheduler helps to optimize the time required to test the GDU under test
  • New tests can be generated, saved, grouped and executed using a single test environment which allows the end user plenty of flexibility during testing and troubleshooting
  • The test data can be compared with acceptable limits programmed at the time of test creation for Pass/Fail criterion
  • The records generated are stored in a hierarchical database for future reference