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Drive Control Unit Test System
The Drive Control Unit Test System, specially built for Bombardier Transportation, is used for testing the Drive Control Unit (DCU-II) used in Metro trains. This system is basically an Endurance Test System, which is used for performing a burn-in test on DCU-II. The system consists of Card cages, Switch units, Test sequencer Chassis and a Signal Source. The Signal Source contains DC loads for testing digital outputs, temperature simulation resistors, speed simulation oscillators, and a 160 VDC power source. Using this system, up to eight DUTs of type DCU2, LPP/MPP or type HPP can be tested simultaneously.

Tests Conducted

  • Cyclic test for verification of health of the DCU-IIs
  • DC Load test, the output is diverted to the load in the sequencer chassis and the attributes are measured and verified to lie in within the limits
  • Temperature simulation
  • Speed simulation

Measurements & Controlled Parameters

  • Current signals
  • Voltage signals
  • Temperature signals
  • Speed measurement of optical signals
  • Digital I/O signals


  • The system gives a test throughput of 1 channel per second. In terms of overall throughput, 1 test cycle on all inputs and outputs of a DCU takes approximately 25 seconds
  • If 8 DCUs are loaded for test, it will result in approximately 2.5 minutes for the full cycle to get completed, resulting in 22 test cycles per hour
  • The switch unit consists of 6 multi-way bi-directional switch units each having 24 channels capable of diverting any input from the signal source into any input of a DUT
  • Smart engineering allows various control and power ports to be swiftly connected and disconnected
  • Measuring and I/O functions of the test system are performed using data acquisition hardware from Agilent Technologies┬« to ensure excellent test throughput and good measuring accuracy and repeatability
  • Fully computerized operation
  • The system is built in a DIN standard enclosure for easy maintenance


  • Windows based Test Manager software allows sequencing tests, storing test setups, viewing reports, and analyzing and handling graphical test data using a PC
  • User can define and configure additional hardware and integrate it within existing test setups
  • The test software has a simple graphical user interface and virtually no learning time