AC Motors

AC induction motors and AC synchronous motors are the two main types of AC motors. AC induction motors are used in household applications such as fans, pumps, and compressor type of applications with power ratings from a few hundreds of watts to several kilowatts. AC synchronous motors are used in precise speed applications such as tape recorders, timers, clocks, etc. and are generally low powered

A motor can malfunction on-site due to inherent defects that may increase the downtime, energy consumption, and operational costs. Testing motors help the manufacturer to determine that the manufactured motors conform to the specified performance parameters and are free from any manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Depending on the motor type, a vast suite of tests are available right from winding resistance, insulation, torque-speed characteristics, bearing performance, temperature rise, efficiency etc. which are common for almost all types of motors, to specific types of tests which are applicable only to a particular motor type.

Crest manufactures a full range of motor test benches for OEMs for ensuring the quality of the product before delivery. Test systems are available for in-process quality assurance and for end-of-line testing of a fully manufactured motor.

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