Load Break Switches

Load break switches (LBS) are medium voltage switchgear devices that are used in secondary distribution networks for breaking and making electrical circuits. They are used for isolating parts of a transmission line that have failed or require maintenance while ensuring that the entire circuit is not disrupted. 

Proper testing of LBS is important to ensure that the LBS is functioning properly when performing any kind of work on the transmission lines. If a disconnector fails to operate, the section of the line will not be isolated. Any work performed on such transmission lines could be hazardous to life.

LBS require periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure that they operate reliably when required. Contact timings, contact bounce, non-simultaneity of contacts, contact travel and speed measurements, motor current characteristics, contact resistance, insulation tests, endurance tests, etc. are some of the tests performed on LBS.

Crest manufactures a full range of LBS testing products for OEMs for ensuring the quality of the product before delivery and for end users to ensure optimum performance of their assets.


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