Relay Test System

The Relay Test System is a fully automated test system for conducting production tests on various types of relays rated up to 24 V DC. For reduced DUT loading and testing times, the system has two test stations. A precision-machined aluminium test fixture allows accurate DUT loading for testing. The system performs a wide variety of tests and provides a test report for presenting to the customer. Multiple systems can be networked for centralized data presentation, storage, and analysis. The system can be offered with features and specifications to meet individual customer requirements.


  • Test of Oscillation
  • Close and Open Timing test on NO Contact
  • Close and Open Timing test on NC Contact
  • Armature Pick-up Test
  • Armature Drop-out Test
  • Millivolt drop/Micro-ohm test on NO contact
  • Millivolt drop/Micro-ohm test on NC contact
  • Test of Oscillation between two voltage limits
  • Coil Resistance


General Features

  • Microprocessor based system with programmable voltage and current sources and measurement hardware
  • Easy to use precision-machined aluminium test fixture for quick and accurate testing
  • Typical throughput time of 4200 relays per shift by using two test stations
  • Capability of testing different relay types on the same test fixture
  • Can be made to work as a stand-alone test system, or a single, fully automated, PC-controlled test system
  • The data acquisition software provided with the system allows the user to sequence tests, download test settings to the system, and log test results of all the relays tested during a particular shift.
  • Complete flexibility for user to configure test parameters, test sequences, and set pass/fail limits
  • Calibration traceability to National Standards

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