Climate Control Unit Test System

The Climate Control Unit Test System is used to perform routine End-of-Line Tests on fully assembled climate control units used in modern automobiles. The climate control unit is loaded into an electro-pneumatic test fixture which has spring-loaded test probes that make contact with the terminal connectors on the rear of the climate control unit. Graphical and visual assistance is given to the operator which enables him to carry out all the tests on the unit in a pre-determined sequence. Machine assisted visual checks on the unit under test can also be done by means of a high resolution camera. The system produces an error report and generates a barcode at the end of each test sequence. This barcode helps to maintain trace ability and transparency of test results. The test data is logged in a centralized server which can be accessed from any remote location using the Internet. 


  • Measurement of quiescent current
  • Full load tests on blower switch
  • Tests on re-circulation circuit
  • Tests on temperature control
  • Tests on H-bridge drivers
  • Luminous intensity of backlit symbols
  • Sharpness and positional accuracy measurements of backlit symbols
  • Identification of variants with different color schemes
  • Verification of delivery positions


  • NI-based data acquisition system is used for quick and accurate measurements Several different configurations are available which can test simple air condition panels to advanced climate control units used in modern cars which use CAN interface
  • Fully automated system requiring minimum operator intervention
  • Visual graphical aid allows even an untrained operator to perform all the tests accurately and reliably
  • Very simple operation, operator is required to push only two push buttons to steer through the test sequence 
  • A feature in the software ensures that none of the tests in a sequence are skipped
  • A built-in error printer and barcode label printer
  • LAN and intranet connectivity makes remote monitoring of production and performing quality checks possible
  • Statistical analysis of daily or shift-wise production data is possible
  • Cycle time of typically 50 seconds


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