Logistics Box

The Logistics Box is an equipment that helps to verify that the climate control units supplied in the bins do not have any pin defects and they can be used directly in the automobile assembly lines. It can be used in conjunction with the Climate Control Unit Test System for performing tests after the End-of-Line testing. 


  • Verify the barcode on the CCU
  • Verify correct variant type
  • Ensure that pins are not bent or deformed
  • Verify  that all screws on the CCU are in the correct place


  • Provided with a loading fixture for automatic examination of typical defects
  • Enclosed with transparent barriers on three sides and has space for a storage bin trolley to enter and exit.
  • Automatic opening of door for storage bin, when the job is found defect free
  • ANDON and Audible alarm to indicate test status
  • All defects are displayed and logged in the internal memory
  • Complete report generation at the end of shift is possible


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