High Voltage Tester

CT-HVT Series 5kV to 100kV AC High Voltage Testers

HV Test, which is also known as Hipot Test – short form of high potential – is used to test the insulation quality of the auxiliary circuit of circuit breakers. The HV Test is useful in finding damaged insulation, stray conductive materials around the conductors, and problems due to terminal spacing and tolerance errors in cables. It also helps in detecting insufficient creepages and clearances introduced during the manufacturing process.

Benchtop and trolley mounted high-voltage testers are designed for high-voltage testing of power cables, switchgear, busbars, insulators, bushings, motors, Instrument and Power transformers etc. with voltage up to 100 kVRMS at line frequency of 50 Hz.

CT-HVT series systems are able to output high current at high voltages, making them suitable for conducting a variety of tests, even in presence of highly capacitive loads according to a wide range of standards and regulations.

CT-HVT benefits from a touchscreen graphic display and digital control, which allows to run tests in fully automatic cycles, as well as store test results in internal memory of the system.

The systems feature an overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, input power safety and operator safety protection.


  • High power output up to 500mA
  • Safe two-part construction for testers above 10kV
  • Modular design, easy to maintain
  • Movable trolley option
  • Touchscreen Graphic display
  • Fully automatic closed-loop control
  • Internal memory for test results storage
  • Overcurrent and short-circuit safety protection
  • Overvoltage and input power safety and operator safety protection
  • Emergency stop, remote alarms and andon
  • Self-diagnostics and self-calibration*

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