UST- Universal Switchgear Timer

UST is a portable timer that measures critical opening and closing time intervals and motor current duration for various types of switchgear like:

Parameters Measured

  • 3-pole breakers from 6.6 kV to 440 kV
  • Vacuum circuit breakers (VCB)
  • Modern SF6 Breakers
  • Gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
  • Classical MOCBs
  • Gang and individually operated breakers
  • Loco-head circuit breakers
  • GIS two position drives
  • Isolators/Disconnectors
  • Load break switches (LBS)
  • On-load tap changers (OLTC)
  • Ring main units (RMU)
  • Contactors

Contact timings measurements are useful for finding contact bounces and non-simultaneity of contacts. These measurements help in finding electrical and mechanical defects in the contacts. Timing analysis also makes it possible to detect incorrect mechanical adjustments and wear phenomena.

JUST operates under hostile EHV switchyard conditions and offers reliable measurements for erection, periodic maintenance, and inspection of various electrical components.


  • C, O and C-O timings
  • Number of bounces and total bounce duration
  • Contact mismatch
  • Motor current & its duration


  • Universal device for testing almost all types of switchgear
  • Touchscreen user friendly interface
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for downloading test results
  • Built-in high-speed switching device with programmable command duration
  • Simultaneous measurements on three channels
  • External trigger facility for up to 10 seconds
  • Motor current monitoring
  • Built-in result storage facility along with date and time stamp for up to 50 records
  • Supplied in a carrying case with 5 meters long test leads
  • Built-in thermal printer (optional)
  • PC downloading software (optional)
  • Event time measurement based on closing and opening of contacts

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