AC Synchronous Motor Driver

The AC Synchronous Motor Driver has a variable AC power source and a control circuit to drive AC Synchronous motors of all specifications. The AC Synchronous Motor Driver is available in benchtop configuration but can also be provided in a 3U chassis-mount construction. The operator can set the values for operating voltage, operating frequency, internal capacitor, and direction of rotation, depending on the specifications of the motor. There is also a provision for connecting external capacitors, resistors, and power supply.


  • Easy to operate with simple manual controls
  • Built-in power supplies for stable and reproducible testing conditions
  • Electrical connections are made using quick connect arrangement
  • Provision for connecting external capacitor and resistor, if applicable
  • Provision for connecting an external power supply
  • Provision for connecting an oscilloscope
  • Individual displays for showing various setting values
  • Easy to maintain compact bench top construction

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