AC Synchronous Motor Test System

The AC Synchronous Motor Test System is used for assessing the performance and performing quality analysis on AC synchronous motors. The system measures various parameters, such as, torque, speed, current, voltage, and direction of rotation. Additional parameters can be measured as per the customer’s requirements.

The AC Synchronous Motor Test System makes use of an electronically-controlled brake, optical encoder and reaction torque sensor/load cell arrangement. A reliable and robust production-class hardware is used for accurately measuring various parameters by performing a number of tests sequentially. The drives required for driving the motor under test are fully configurable and customizable and are included in the measuring hardware. A precision machined mechanical fixture is used for securing motors of various frame sizes to have minimal axial misalignments with the measuring hardware.

The AC Synchronous Motor Test System consists of a proprietary test software. All measurements are made by the system according to the parameters selected by the user in the software and the test results are displayed in the software for evaluation.


  • No load torque
  • Full load torque
  • Stall torque
  • No load RPM
  • Full load RPM
  • No load current
  • Full load current
  • Inrush current
  • Locked rotor current
  • Operating voltage
  • Direction of rotation

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