Linear Actuator Test System

Linear Actuator Test System is used for measuring the stroke length of Linear Actuators under a specified load using precision length gauges. The system measures various parameters, such as, linear travel, displacement vs angular rotation characteristics, backlash, hysteresis, etc. Additional parameters can be measured as per the customer’s requirements.

Linear Actuator Test System makes use a pneumatic arrangement for raising and lowering the brass weights (load) onto the motor shaft. A reliable and robust production-class hardware is used for accurately measuring various parameters by performing a number of tests sequentially. The drives required for driving the linear actuator under test are fully configurable and customizable and are included in the measuring hardware. A precision machined mechanical fixture is used for securing linear actuators of various frame sizes to have minimal axial misalignments with the measuring hardware.

Linear Actuator Test System consists of a proprietary test software. All measurements are made by the system according to the parameters selected by the user in the software and the test results are displayed in the software for evaluation.


  • Linear travel
  • Displacement vs angular rotation characteristics
  • Backlash
  • Hysteresis

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