Motor Burn-in Station

The Motor Burn-in Station is a fully-computerized turnkey solution for performing burn-in on various types of motors. The burn-in process ensures smoother commutation and improves the motor life. It is useful for detecting the motors with bad centering, cracked magnets, defective bearing assemblies, etc.

The Motor Burn-in Station is developed on an embedded platform with a Windows-based PC software for programming the burn-in parameters, controlling the burn-in process, and monitoring the status of each channel.

The system consists of an acoustic enclosure with air inlet and exhaust ports for providing uniform air circulation. Built-in power supplies with drives suitable for testing motors of the specified type and rating ensure unmatched performance. The system has all the necessary protections and safety interlocks for safe operation.


  • Fully-computerized system with Window-based software for programming burn-in parameters, setting limits, and monitoring status of each channel
  • Display of individual motor current and temperature in the software during the burn-in process
  • Facility for generating test reports through the software
  • Specially designed acoustic enclosure having fresh air circulation
  • Built-in power supplies and drivers suitable for the specified motor type and ratings.
  • Status LEDs and alarms for indicating burn-in status and fault conditions

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