Motor Winding Resistance Meter

The Motor Winding Resistance Tester measures the resistance of each rotor winding of permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors. The system automatically measures the resistance of each winding in a sequence and compares the results with the preset limits to decide the Pass-Fail criteria of the motor. It can perform tests in Loop Mode or Cross Mode. It is a universal test system, capable of testing any motor having up to 13 windings. The system is supplied with a custom test fixture that helps to perform the tests and maintain test integrity.

Measurements & Controlled Parameters

  • Kelvin’s 4-wire principle of resistance measurement. Rotor resistance as low as 0.1 ohm can be measured with an accuracy of 5%
  • Control of test multiplexer for sequential selection of windings


  • PLC and HMI based system

Test Fixture

  • Custom designed test fixture that is suitable for motors of various shapes and sizes.

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