Machine Vision

Machine Vision is a modern, state-of-the-art technology which makes use of visual examination using an imaging device and software to capture the essential properties of a target image and acquire data from it. This acquired data is then benchmarked against the expected data that is available in the database. The study of deviations of the acquired data from the expected data helps us to find errors and defects in the target.

The human mind can get tired of doing a monotonous and boring task over and over again for prolonged periods of time. This may lead to human errors during visual examination. Machine Vision helps to eliminate the errors caused due to human intervention and improve productivity by employing an advanced testing method.

A typical Machine Vision System employs, depending on the application, a smart, IP or high-resolution camera, a set of lenses, top and backlit illumination sources, an imaging chamber for isolating the ambient light, image grabber card, an embedded controller and test software.

Machine Vision can be carried out for visible spectrum as well as X-ray images. The applications where Machine Vision can be deployed are Automotive, Drug & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Security, Engineering and many more.


  • Verification of correct printing, colour, orientation, size, blurs & shifts, etc.
  • Identifying imperfections on surface, broken components, missing parts, etc.
  • Identifying contamination by foreign bodies
  • Measurement of luminosity
  • Counting

and many more

Processing Techniques

  • Measurement of change in densities
  • Statistical analysis of grey scales
  • Rendering colours
  • Negation of image
  • Highlighting boundaries

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