PFC Capacitor Test Systems

The PFC Capacitor Endurance Test System is used to test AC Capacitors, in the range of 1 to 50 kVAR, with working voltage in the range of 400 to 1000 V AC, for cyclic endurance. This is done by charging the capacitor and discharging it through an inductive load, and detecting premature failures. The system carries out automatic charge and discharge cycles on single phase or three phase capacitors for a preset number of times and monitors the integrity of charging voltage and current, as well as the discharging current. The system has a neat arrangement for connecting the capacitor to the test system and a variable DC voltage source along with a charger circuit with controlled charging current to ensure minimum test “shot time” of thirty seconds. The charging voltage and current can be preset in the system depending upon the type of DUT selected.


  • Charging voltage
  • Charging current
  • Discharging current
  • Cycles elapsed

Controlled Parameters

  • Charging Voltage
  • Charging Current
  • Discharging Current
  • Number of Cycles
  • Target Cycles


  • Variable voltage source and switched resistive charger
  • Bank of switched inductive loads as discharger
  • PC controlled. microprocessor-based system with keyboard and display for selection of various test options, controlling the test and monitoring the results
  • Data retention in case of power failure
  • USB interface for storing test results on a pen drive
  • A simple Start/Standby/Stop arrangement provided to control the test
  • Status LEDs to indicate Standby, Test in Progress, Test Pass, Test Fail, Error, etc.
  • The system has several presets in the form of Go – No-Go limits for various measured parameters
  • Software facilitates storing of test data, analyzing the test results to gauge the capacitor performance under the conditions of endurance testing and printing test reports
  • Electronic and control assemblies in the test system are built in Industry standard 19" components and conform to the DIN 41494 standard of construction for easy maintenance