Traction and Induction Motor Test System

The Motor Test System products range tests motors rated from 50 kW to 1.2 MW. The motor manufacturers use our products for performing type tests and routine tests. In addition, maintenance personnel use our products at installation sites and depots during routine overhauling. The systems are suitable for testing traction motors and motors used in industrial applications. Testing the motors ensure reliable performance and long and trouble-free service life and prevent unplanned downtime. An industrial-grade housing contains all the motor testing power sources, controls, and instrumentation. The system has a modular hardware and software architecture that allows us to configure it for testing motors of a particular rating. Depending on the application and test specifications, we can add or remove various modules from the configuration. For example, we can configure the Motor Test System for performing either No Load, Light Load, or Full Load Tests. Additionally, we offer various accessories, like test software, test fixture, and interfacing with third-party measuring instruments for enhanced test capability. Finally, we can supply optional safety accessories, such as safety fencing and a test bed, depending on the user’s requirement.

We have designed the Motor Test System keeping in mind all the safety aspects, including operator safety, test system safety, and safety of all the connected devices. For example, the safety interlocks ensure that the test begins only when all personnel vacate the test area. Additionally, safety interlocks ensure that the test automatically aborts under any abnormalities or accidental operation during the test.

Apart from the safety interlocks described above, the Motor Test System consists of protection elements that trip the system inputs and outputs under abnormal voltage and currents. In addition, the system consists of audio and visual alarms along with indicating lamps that activate under abnormal conditions.

List of Tests

  • Measurement of Coil Resistance (Phase to Phase)
  • Measurement of Inductance (Phase to Phase)
  • No Load Test
  • Over Fluxing Test at Elevated Voltage
  • Short Circuit Characteristics (Locked Rotor) Test
  • Dielectric Test
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Calibration of Embedded Temperature Sensor
  • Direction of Rotation
  • Vibration Measurement Test
  • Speed Probe Test
  • Maximum Speed Test

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