After sales support

We at Crest Test Systems provide you service, right from on-site installation and first commissioning of the product by our qualified support team to post-commissioning assistance, training and troubleshooting by our dedicated service professionals.


The post-commissioning support provided by us may be in the form of either telephonic troubleshooting or site visit by our technical support team if further assistance is needed. If the system sustains any damages due to unforeseen circumstances, it could be repaired on site if possible or could be called to works if required.

At Crest Test Systems, we believe that we can learn from our customers and trust them as our partner as we grow together. Therefore, feel free to contact us at any time.


A pre-commissioning demonstration and training are provided on-site by our technical support team to help users fully realise the capabilities of the systems supplied by us. We also conduct post-commissioning training programs, on chargeable basis.


Crest always maintains a stock of all critical components and assemblies, which when required by the customer in the event of equipment breakdown can be dispatched readily.

In addition to this, we offer our customers an option to purchase and stock a set of critical spares for their equipment. This will ensure minimum equipment downtime as you will save time spent in acquiring the spares.

Crest also stocks spares of some of its oldest equipments. This will guarantee support for your equipment during its entire service life.



For Technical Service/Support: