About Us

Crest Test Systems, founded in 2009, specialises in innovative test and measurement solutions for circuit breakers, induction motors, and traction motors.
Our versatile product offerings cater to on-field and OEM testing requirements, enabling preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and commissioning while assisting clients in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and prolonging equipment life.
Leadership Team
Drawing on 30+ years of industry experience, our team of over 50 dedicated professionals, including engineers and technicians, serves over 250 valued clients. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification highlights our unwavering commitment to quality in the manufacturing, trading, and servicing of testing and measuring equipment.
At Crest Test Systems, we believe in the power of a robust support system. Our modern manufacturing and design facility, proactive sales team, and experienced technical support group make us a trustworthy partner in your testing needs. We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver products at competitive prices and within the agreed timeframes. In addition, our commitment to product quality and customer service ensures optimal performance throughout the product’s service life.
Our core values underpin our work culture, shaping mindsets and actions that echo throughout the company. We take pride in our heartfelt connection with our values, and this principle-driven approach contributes to our success as a business and makes us a reliable collaborator our clients can count on.


We aim to become the leading manufacturer and exporter of test and measurement equipment for manufacturers and end-users from the power sector and railways.

Our Values

  • Being Equal and Ethical

    Taking immense pride in being an ethics driven organisation with transparent business practices that treats everyone with respect and dignity.

  • Delivering Benefits to Delight the Customers

    Be the customer's preferred choice by understanding his needs and going beyond to deliver benefits through innovative concepts.

  • Learning and Evolving

    Nurturing growth through a meritocratic approach, with emphasis on excellent craftsmanship, a progressive environment and a synergetic team.

  • Commiting Results

    Remaining focused on goals and taking ownership of the results while following the set processes of the organisation.

Technological Milestone


Successful commissioning of 350kW type test system for traction motors


Launched flagship portable circuit breaker analyser with DCRM and CRM, PA9600 Series


First light load test setup installed at indian railways loco sheds


Developed Loco VCB test solution specifically for Indian railways, CBScan Loco


Development of ultra portable 200A contact resistance meter, MVT B Series


275kW routine test setup for testing motors of Vande Bharat trains


IOT Industry 4.0 ® based contact resistance meter for testing circuit breaker panel exported to four countries


India's first all-in-one test solution for testing CB panels


System test lab: A turnkey project for testing of entire propulsion chain of a metro train


Comprehensive CB test solution supplied to Saudi Arabia


Developed train axle and gearbox test system for post overhaul testing


Commissioned DS/ES Drive Test System based on NI PCXI ® platform with software developed in LabView ®


Installed Traction Converter Test System for testing 2 MW traction converters


Developed first 800kV automated single shot CB test solution in India


Development of advanced 6 channel time interval meter, CTIMe


Developed advanced Isolator/Disconnector test system


Installation of Advanced Short circuit test sequencer at CPRI Bhopal and Bangalore


Supplied RMU test system with special external trigger capability


Commissioned India's first dedicated GIS switchgear test system

What Differentiates Us

30+ years of experience in test & measurement

In-house hardware and software design

Highly skilled product assembly technicians

Pan India support for maintenance and calibration service

Dedicated business relationship representative


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