Circuit Breaker Endurance Test System

Endurance testing is a crucial process for circuit breakers, as it helps ensure their stability and uncovers any potential early failures in the switchgear assembly. The Circuit Breaker Endurance Test System conducts comprehensive mechanical endurance tests on various types of switchgear by executing multiple cycles of opening and closing.

This system comprises an Endurance Controller, which programs the test cycles, as well as built-in AC and DC power supplies that energise the circuit breaker coils and operate the spring charging motor. The testing process evaluates circuit breakers at rated, minimum, and maximum voltage levels, with the option to test multiple breakers or drives simultaneously.

We are excited to present our most recent line of PLC-based intelligent endurance controllers, equipped with an intuitive touchscreen HMI for smooth navigation and operation of the test control software.


Command Duration – 1 ms to 999 ms

No. of Cycles – 1 to 99999

Delay Durations – 1 ms to 999 min

AC and DC Power Supplies – up to 6 kW

PLC with Touchscreen HMI (optional)

PC Control (optional)

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