Power Supplies

Our AC and DC power supplies deliver the necessary power to energise the breaker’s trip and close coils, and drive the spring charging motor.

Depending on your specific requirements, we offer a range of power supply options, including one-phase or three-phase AC, DC, or AC/DC dual-mode configurations. For assistance selecting the most suitable power supply, please consult our product expert based on your breaker specifications.

Our DC power supplies utilise IGBT-based SMPS technology, while the AC power supplies employ motorised dimmerstats. Our power supplies are designed to meet various needs with voltage ratings ranging from 10 to 300 V AC or DC and power ratings up to 6 kW. All power supplies have short circuit and overcurrent protection, featuring automatic recovery after fault clearance. Additionally, the isolation between the output and control voltage of the power supply exceeds 1 kV.

Users can control the power supplies automatically using the software or manually through the front panel controls on the power supply unit. We also provide 5-meter-long cables for a seamless connection between the power supply and the device under test (DUT). These power supplies are available for individual purchase or as accessory components for AutoScan, CBScan, or other circuit breaker testing equipment. To enhance convenience, we offer the option to mount these power supplies on a movable rack for effortless manoeuvrability on the shop floor or encase them in a portable carrying case for on-site applications.

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