Loco-VCB Analyzer

CBScan LOCO is an innovative, lightweight, portable Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) Analyzer designed specifically for railway loco sheds. It serves to test Loco-VCBs manufactured by Autometer Alliance (AAL), Bombardier Transportation, Schneider, Alstom, and BHEL. The analyzer is based on Crest’s proprietary embedded-based data acquisition platform, which leverages the computing power of a PC.
The ProaCTS Loco PC software, supplied with the analyzer, allows users to pre-configure test parameters and sequences, thus saving valuable time in the switchyard and minimising downtime. The software also displays results with graphs and generates test reports, offering a comprehensive solution for professionals in the industry.
The CBScan LOCO represents a significant advancement in portable VCB analyzers, offering a lightweight and efficient solution for testing Loco-VCBs in railway loco sheds.


Main Contact Timing – 3 channels

Breaker Control – 2 channels

Coil Current – 2 channels

Contact Travel - 2 channels

Sampling Speed – up to 40 kHz

Coil Supply – 1.5 kW DC Power Supply (optional accessory)

Transducers Fixtures – For all popular loco VCBs

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