CBScan PA1505

CBScan PA1505 is a NextGen operation analyzer for testing Circuit Breakers up to 400 kV per IEC standards for routine tests and final acceptance. The ProaCTS CBScan PC software supplied with the analyzer allows users to pre-configure test parameters and sequences, saving valuable time in the switchyard and minimizing downtime. In addition, the software displays results with graphs and generates test reports.

CBScan connects with the device under test (DUT) using wear-resistant test leads set and measures the Main, PIR, and Auxiliary Contact timings. It also measures the travel of the three circuit breaker mechanisms. Additionally, the system performs various functional tests on the DUT. Test results analysis provides valuable information for evaluating and rectifying settings for contact timings, contact travel, operating speed, over-travel, bounce, and other parameters. The test system performs ‘Close, ‘Open’, ‘CO’, ‘OC’, and ‘OCO’ operations. Further, it also performs the O-0.3sec-CO-3Min-CO operation.


Main & PIR Contact Timing – 6 channels

Auxiliary Contact Timing – 3 channels

Breaker Control – 2 channels

Coil Current – 2 channels

Contact Travel - 3 channels

Sampling Speed – up to 40 kHz

Motor Current – 3 channel (optional)

DCRM Interface – 1 channel (using optional DMVT 100 accessory)

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