Contact Resistance Meter

Measuring static contact resistance is crucial for assessing the health and functionality of a circuit breaker’s main contacts. Poor contact conditions can lead to arcing and single phasing, often resulting from oxide deposits and moisture absorption, which increase contact resistance. This, in turn, causes I2R losses due to hot-spotting when the circuit breaker closes.
The MVT Contact Resistance Meter employs Kelvin’s 4-wire method to measure the static resistance of circuit breaker main contacts precisely. It features a built-in continuous DC source of up to 200A and conducts resistance measurements in the micro-ohm range by assessing the millivolt drop across the contacts.
Mounted on a trolley for easy mobility on the shop floor, the MVT is suitable for evaluating contact resistances of vacuum circuit breakers, high-voltage circuit breakers, extra high-voltage circuit breakers, isolators/disconnectors, bus bars, and numerous other components utilised in power transmission and distribution.


Test Current – Up to 200 A Continuous

Resistance Range - 10 µΩ to 200 mΩ for 200 A model

PLC with Touchscreen HMI- Only in V Series

Pass/Fail Limits Check - Optional

Memory – 200 results (only in V Series)

PC Control - Optional

Thermal Printer - Optional

Barcode Scanner - Optional

Mains Powered

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