MVT 200B and B+

MVT 200B series contact resistance meters are a new generation of highly portable, lightweight and easy to use products for measuring resistances of a variety of test objects like Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Disconnectors, Bus-Bars, Joints, etc. They inject current up to 200 A through the device under test and measure the micro-ohm resistances accurately even in noisy switchyard conditions. Thus MVT is an ideal preventive maintenance tool for measuring critical resistances.

The MVT 200B series product consists of a touchscreen graphical LCD for displaying the injection current, voltage drop and measured resistance in real-time. It uses Kelvin’s 4-wire principle for current injection and voltage measurement for accurate contact resistance measurements. A thermal printer (only in MVT 200B+) prints the test results immediately after the test is performed along with the date and time stamps.


Test Current – Minimum 200 A

Resistance Range - 200 µΩ , 2000 µΩ , 20 mΩ and Autoranging

Thermal Printer – Only in MVT 100B+

Touchscreen Display – 3.5 inch

Memory – 1000 results in MVT 100B+

Battery Cycle – 80 Operations

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