CBScan PA0304

CBScan PA0304 is a NextGen operation analyzer for testing Circuit Breakers up to 245 kV. It uses wear-resistant test lead sets to connect to the device under test (DUT) and measures the contact timings and travel of the three main contacts. The analyzer has a touchscreen interface with a built-in operating system that allows standalone operation without requiring a PC interface. The instrument also has an Ethernet port for users who prefer to operate it via a PC using the ProaCTS CBScan software.

The test system can perform ‘Close’, ‘Open’, ‘CO’, ‘OC’, ‘OCO’, and ‘O-0.3sec-CO-3Min-CO’ operations on the DUT. These tests provide valuable information for evaluating and rectifying settings for contact timings, contact travel, operating speed, over-travel, bounce, and several other parameters.


Main Contact Timing – 3 channels

Breaker Control – 2 channels

Coil Current – 1 channel

Contact Travel - 3 channels

Sampling Speed – up to 40 kHz

Touchscreen Display - 4.3 inch

Thermal Printer

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