Point on Wave Synchronous Test Sequencer

The Portable Point on Wave Synchronous Test Sequencer stands as India’s exclusive system for synchronising control signal timings during short circuit tests on medium and high voltage switchgear and control gear. In addition, it can perform programmed test sequences repeatedly to assess the electrical and mechanical endurance of devices.
The system comprises a command sequencer module, synchronising module, and output modules, creating a comprehensive sequencing test system together. The synchronising module obtains timing and sync pulses from the test generator, which offers a precise “point-on-wave” timing reference for coordinating the transient recorder, master circuit breaker, and make switch. Users can fully customize the test coordination using the Test Sequencer by adjusting various make switch and master circuit breaker operator variables. As a result, users can design test strategies that meet acceptance test specifications for short circuit tests.
Powered by a battery, the Test Sequencer includes a built-in charger that utilises the mains supply to charge the battery. Numerous esteemed testing labs in India have installed and operated the Test Sequencer for several years, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness.

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