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Traction and Induction Motor Testing

In an effort to ensure the utmost performance and reliability of traction motors, they must undergo rigorous testing under diverse conditions. These conditions encompass speed, load, and temperature variations. The main parameters we look at during this testing process include the motor's torque, speed, current, voltage, temperature, and power usage.

When it comes to induction motors, the analysis extends to reviewing factors like power efficiency, slip, start-up current, the condition of insulation resistance and bearings. These evaluations help us determine the motor's overall efficacy and operational status.

Our comprehensive testing methodologies include locked rotor tests, no-load tests, dynamic load tests, and maximum speed tests. These tests are designed to push the motors to their limits, providing a detailed understanding of their capabilities under various circumstances.

  • Type Test System

    Type Test System

    The Type Test System is designed to conduct comprehensive full-load assessments on 3-phase AC traction and induction motors within the manufacturing facility to evaluate their performance.

    The setup includes appropriate power sources to drive the motor and sensors to measure the motor parameters. Additionally, the system features suitable loads (either conventional or regenerative) for applying load to the motor during testing.

  • Routine Test System

    Routine Test System

    The Routine Test System conducts no-load (routine) tests on AC or DC motors. This setup features appropriate power sources for driving the motor and sensors for measuring motor parameters.

    Our proprietary ProaCTS MoTest software simplifies test sequence creation, pass-fail benchmarking, and report generation for reliable and accurate results.

  • Light Load Test System

    Light Load Test System

    The Light Load Test System is designed to conduct light load tests on AC and DC motors during regular maintenance and overhauls at locomotive sheds or maintenance depots.

    The system includes either a Variable Voltage Frequency Drive (VVFD) for AC motors or a DC drive for DC motors.

  • High Voltage Tester

    High Voltage Tester

    The CT-HVT Series encompasses an array of automatic high-voltage AC testers designed for conducting high-voltage tests on various test objects with a voltage capacity of up to 100 kVRMS at a line frequency of 50 Hz.

    These systems can generate high currents at elevated voltages, making them appropriate for testing even in high capacitive loads. In addition, a user-friendly touchscreen display and digital controls enable fully automated test cycles while storing test results in the built-in memory.

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