Circuit Breaker Operational Analyzer with DCRM and CRM

The AutoScan PA9600 is an advanced operational analyzer designed to test a wide range of circuit breakers, from low voltage (LV) to ultra-high voltage (UHV) up to 1200 kV, under live switchyard conditions. This versatile analyzer conducts contact travel, contact timing, coil and motor current, and both static and dynamic contact resistance measurements.
Featuring a specially designed trolley, the AutoScan PA9600 can be easily manoeuvred across uneven switchyard terrain. The analyzer comes with the ProaCTS AutoScan PC software, enabling users to pre-configure test parameters and sequences, saving valuable time in the switchyard and reducing downtime.

In addition, the software presents test results, including graphical representations, and generates detailed test reports. Overall, the AutoScan PA9600 offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently and accurately testing circuit breakers in various challenging conditions.


Main & PIR Contact Timing – up to 12 channels

Auxiliary Contact Timing– up to 12 channels

Breaker Control – up to 6 channels

Coil Current – up to 6 channels

Contact Travel – up to 6 channels

Sampling Speed – up to 40 kHz

DCRM & CRM – up to 6 channels

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