Circuit Breaker Test System

AutoScan Circuit Breaker Test System performs routine tests on circuit breakers and various other types of switchgear. The test system tests vacuum circuit breakers, high-voltage circuit breakers, and extra high-voltage circuit breakers per suitable standards.
AutoScan Circuit Breaker Test System performs standard tests like coil and motor current measurements, contact timing measurements, and travel and speed measurements. By adding the MVT and DMVT accessories it can also perform static and dynamic contact resistance measurements without any changes in the measurement set-up. The system is fully modular and expandable with the facility for adding additional tests to meet specific customer needs and industry requirements.
AutoScan Circuit Breaker Test System comes with built-in power supplies with precision regulated outputs for coils and motors. These ensure stable and reproducible testing conditions and reduce the risk of wiring to live AC/DC sources.


Main & PIR Contact Timing – up to 12 channels

Auxiliary Contact Timing– up to 9 channels

Breaker Control - up to 6 channels

Contact Travel – up to 6 channels

Coil Current – up to 3 channels

Coil Voltage – up to 3 channels

Motor Current – up to 3 channels

Motor Power – up to 3 channels

DCRM – up to 6 channels

Torque – 1 channel

Gas Pressure – 1 channel

Temperature – 1 channel

Sampling Speed – up to 40 kHz

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