With a nationwide upgrade in power, rail, and metro systems, it is time to upgrade from a manual, time intensive way of conducting maintenance and performing quality checks to an automated, compact, and connected approach toward quality assurance. At Crest Test Systems, we are building modern, high-throughput, and reliable test setups that meet the future testing requirements of India.
  • Circuit Breaker Testing

    Manufacturers and end users of circuit breakers carry out rigorous evaluations to certify their product's quality and effectiveness. These evaluations include assessing the strength of insulation and integrity of contact resistances, which are critical for safety and performance.

    The circuit breakers' electrical and mechanical operations dependability is ascertained by conducting trip and close coil examinations. Analysis of operational timing is also performed to ensure proper sequence and timing of operations. Further, tests involving high currents are executed to guarantee the safe interruption of fault currents.

    Moreover, those utilising these circuit breakers undertake consistent maintenance checks, encapsulating all previously mentioned tests. These checks guarantee sustained optimal performance and uncover any latent issues or malfunctions that might have surfaced over time, thus allowing for prompt resolution.

    Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Traction and Induction Motor Testing

    In an effort to ensure the utmost performance and reliability of traction motors, they must undergo rigorous testing under diverse conditions. These conditions encompass speed, load, and temperature variations. The main parameters we look at during this testing process include the motor's torque, speed, current, voltage, temperature, and power usage.

    When it comes to induction motors, the analysis extends to reviewing factors like power efficiency, slip, start-up current, the condition of insulation resistance and bearings. These evaluations help us determine the motor's overall efficacy and operational status.

    Our comprehensive testing methodologies include locked rotor tests, no-load tests, dynamic load tests, and maximum speed tests. These tests are designed to push the motors to their limits, providing a detailed understanding of their capabilities under various circumstances.

    Traction and Induction Motor Testing

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