Vinaykumar Achwal

Chairman, Crest Test Systems

We understand that change is a constant force, and we always seek to adapt and innovate. Our relentless pursuit of growth is fuelled by our commitment to crafting a value proposition that is both productive and profitable, seamlessly aligned with our clients’ expectations.
Furthermore, we are dedicated to nurturing long-term partnerships that benefit all parties and contribute to our collective growth. We aspire to extend beyond borders as we strive to leave a mark on the global stage by continuously improving our products and aligning them with world-class standards.
The foundation of our vision lies upon six crucial pillars: Technology, Conformance, Commitment, Transparency, Ethics, and Equality. These are our guiding principles, shaping how we operate, interact, and envision our future.
Reflecting on our journey, I sincerely wish our valued customers, dedicated associates, and well-wishers a prosperous future. Here’s to continuous growth, fine-tuning of our solutions, and striving for perfection together.

Akash Achwal

COO, Crest Test Systems

In our work with high-stake sectors like power and railways, delivering robust, high-quality products is non-negotiable. It’s why constant process improvement and relentless pursuit of zero-defect products form our ethos.
Design forms the DNA of Crest Test Systems. This foundation allows us to execute a rapid design-to-market cycle, giving us a crucial competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging market. Recognising emerging markets’ unique challenges and opportunities, we can redefine and re-engineer our products to align with new client preferences.
Moreover, we place significant emphasis on optimising product delivery. By meticulously monitoring internal performance metrics, we ensure the realisation of our profit goals and the maintenance of competitive pricing—a cornerstone of our steady growth.
Over three decades, Crest Test Systems has forged relationships based on trust with our key clients. Furthermore, we continuously invest in rigorous training for our onsite products to uphold our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.
The fundamentals of our mission are the commitment to evolve with time, strengthen our global presence and be a part of, though in a small way, the ‘Make in India’ endeavour of the government of India.
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